Top 3 Coolest Crowdfunding Campaigns Happening Right Now

Crowdfunding is without doubt a viable funding option for startups, projects and innovative products today.  We dipped into the world of Kickstarter and Indiegogo to bring you the top three crowdfunding campaigns you can get invloved in, and that are going on right now. Figures correct as at Monday 19th Oct 2015.

The Skarp Lazer Razor

These three guys from Irvine, California have gone head-to-head with and age old problem for men and women alike.  Shaving has always been an area dominated by a handful of multinationals, fighing it out to erradicate razor burn, soreness and infection, trying to get you that ever closer shave.  Their answer is the Skarp Lazer Razor, using a fine lazer carrying fibre to cut through the hairs. They claim it safely results in the closest shave possible, with little or no irritation. They are currently on $340,095 USD on IndieGoGo.

Biopod - World's First Smart Microhabitat

Constuct a micro-habitat in your living room, using a glass pod and a smartphone app.  Grow anything from a herb garden to a tropical rainforest and, "control temperature, light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall. Automatically!" Jared Wolfe, a conservationist and biologist aims to build a social community around microhabitat buidling: "I created Biopod as a way to save endangered species of frogs from extinction. It has become so much more. I'm excited about what the Biopod community can become and what it will mean to our earth." Contributions start at $5 for your name on one of the company's Biopods to $2400 for 10 Biopod AQUAs of your very own. They are currently at $244,804 CAD on Kickstarter.


This London based company not only believes the Americans first put a man on the moon in 1969, but they intend to go right back there! "We're building a full scale Moon rocket, that will soar into the heavens and then launch a tiny spacecraft on a 400,000 km one-way journey to the Moon," begins their Kickstarter pitch.

Now this one is a bit of a gamble for our 'Top Three', because as cool as it is they are quite a way off their target, and from when this story was written have only 13 days to raise the best part of 530,000 GBP.  We put it here though, because it's so damn ambitious it's beautiful. They are however, fully aware of this, explaining that it's more of a suck-it-and-see philosophy: "We want to find out if some ordinary rocket engineers, without state backing, can design and build a genuine Moon rocket. If we can do that together, we can start a new era of open space access, driven by ordinary people joining forces to building extraordinary rockets & spacecraft."

With nearly 900 backers they have a selection of people pleadging some serious money, if they can couple it with the right expertise they may - in time - get the project off the ground. They are currently at 72,856 GBP on Kickstarter, with 13 days to go!