4 Tips to Get Your Startup Media Attention

Reaching the media beyond tech blogs and making it to television around the world is something many startups dream of. Some executives I have come across have been jumping for joy when getting into TechCrunch, but the ones who think deeper aim for general media, the New York Times or Reuters of this world. You need to get in front of the eyes of the wider audience who is willing to try, recommend and buy your services or products, or better yet, put money on the table and invest in you.

The case for media is a no-brainer, but making into “the real media” compared to a local startup blog usually needs more work. With HYBE being the general audience media company in this sector, focusing on the lifestyle of entrepreneurs and having a broadcast TV series surely makes us one, we've distilled a few key principles to keep in mind when aiming for media exposure.

1. Get personal

Media relations are typically human-to-human relations. You need to get to know the journalists and vice versa. You build trust over time and if the relationship works well they will become an advocate for you - they cannot cover every single twist of your small business, but they will advise and help you to get exposure. Put yourself in a journalist's head. They need to sell the story to their audience - so pitching version 18 of your software to a journalist you know would be likely seen as an insult.

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2. Put Into Context

At a time of high oil prices it’s much easier to get exposure for your electric vehicle or oil-saving startup. Plane disappeared and your app tracks flights? You're about to launch a football app and there's a World Cup due?

3. Think Visual

You've got through. A newspaper wants a picture of you. You have a dog? Try to combine the two - the photo will surely be placed much bigger than the photo without a dog on it.

Your gadget looks cool and your startup will be the next big thing, the best thing since sliced bread - why don’t you pitch to show it on television?

+1. Audition For HYBE

I'm sure you saw this one coming. At Slush, the largest startup conference in the Nordics, we are organising auditions at our booth for the next season - so if you think you have a compelling case to tell to the world, or just want to test yourself, look out for our pink booth and rolling cameras.

We offer exposure to an audience around the world. With hundreds of thousands of viewers in 100+ countries it's worth a shot. It could be the trigger for that one key investor, or it could help you get into an accelerator in Chile, or suddenly your game could top the charts in Nigeria.

Audition details

Date: Wednesday 11 Nov
Time: 16:00 - 18.00
Place: HYBE stand D.15 @ Slush (Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Center, Finland)

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Photo: Hybe TV