3 Secrets to Successful Advertising Every Entrepreneur Should Know

What’s the secret of successful advertising?

It’s not shouting ‘I’m great’ and it’s not spending money. In my last article I gave you five excellent reasons why you should advertise. But that alone won’t make you rich.

Because knowing these three advertising tips will help your product shine out from the dull mass of ‘stuff’ that the uninitiated churn out as ‘advertising’.

1. Don’t make your advertising about you

It sounds horrible, but people don’t really care about what you think and feel. They’re not overly fussed about the new ‘thing’ that you’re shouting about.

But they do care about themselves. Will your product make them happier, healthier, more attractive? What problem do your potential customers have that they will happily pay someone to make that trouble disappear?

No one cares that you’re the best. But they will care that you know how to make their life better.

The more you relate your product or service to their lives, the more indispensable you will be.

Who would you rather have turn up at your burning house – someone who explains that they’re an amazing fireman or someone who actually puts out the fire?

Put out that fire! Photo: From file

2. Speak the language

‘O.M.G. It’s like totes amazeballs how you can plan for a totally dope retirement by releasing the equity in your house’.

Okay, you may not be selling peace of mind to old people, and I hope that you don’t speak like a reality TV star with a head injury. But my point is that your advertising isn’t going to work if people don’t think that you’re the same as them.

By communicating with potential customers using the same language that they speak every day, you will show that you understand them. Which shows that you understand their problems and worries. And that you can sort them.

As a new company, it’s likely that you’re solving a problem that you have experienced yourself. So it should be easy to slip into the mindset of your ‘normal’ customer. But it will be worth extrapolating beyond yourself, or else you’ll have a customer-base of one – you.

3. Features: snooze button included

Don’t bore people with features, stun them with results. This is harder than it sounds, so I’ll paint a picture. You’re launching a new fart-noise app. You’re really excited because the app emits four different bottom burp noises and makes it sound like they come from different directions.

App. Photo: From file

If you try and sell the app on features you’re going to advertise a:

‘Touch screen operated, multi-directional noise emitter, with four flatulence sounds.’

So what?

So, perhaps it’s better to think about reasons why people might use the app:

‘Embarrass four people by making them sound like they’re making trouser trumps’


What does the user hope to achieve? Perhaps they’re amusing their ten-year old cousin at a family party. So the result would be:

‘Make your 10 year old cousin love you for ever’.

If that’s something that’s important to your target audience, then you’ve got their interest.

Even if you’re going to pay some clever advertising wonk to create your adverts, make sure you have thought through these three secret hints.

If only so that you have answers when your very own Don Draper asks you variations on these. Or if they try and bang together an ‘I’m the Best’ ad and convince you to throw money at it, you can guide them in a more constructive direction.