6 Ways to Improve Your Website - Professional Advice

I met Viljo Vabrit, one of the founders of Tallinn based website conversion and optimisation startup, ConversionXL for an interview here.

Viljo Vabrit
Viljo Vabrit. Photo: ConversionXL Website

Meanwhile, here are his 6 essential elements for a successful website:

1. Don’t waste traffic. Capture emails, get them to sign up for newsletters. Otherwise they may come and read the articles, think, ‘nice article’, and most never come back to your website to just check it out. Use magnets, ‘give us your email and we’ll send you exclusive articles, content, updates about posts, etc.’ It's much more effective.

2. You have to define your site’s goal. All the user experience, the copy, the content has to help to achieve that goal. Your value proposition is vital, why are you better than the competition, you must have something unique or you'll never make it.

3. The goal has to be measurable. If you have only content and your goal is, ‘we want high traffic’, you must measure to work out what the visitors are reading, watching and listening to. It’s a world wide web, there is so much competition out there.

4. Professional web design. There are so many lousy websites out there. Bad design betrays trust, and trust is what drives your business.

5. Analytics and data. You have to have analytics configured in the right way, you must get hold of the valuable data so you can figure out how to improve your site.

6. Provide valuable content. You need a huge amount of great content, and you have to refresh this content. These days there are two ways you can get your traffic, one is organic, one is PPC (pay per click) whose prices are going up all the time. Good content is not mediocre, you must provide the best content to be the best and most popular site in your field. A well written article may get fewer clicks than a dancing cat, but those who do visit really are your clients.

Read the full interview with Viljo Vabrit of ConversionXL here.