9 Tips On Running a Startup From One Who Really Knows

Martin Rand from Vital Fields puts together a list of ‘Lessons’ for those wishing to learn from his experiences.

•Talk to customers right away, try to sell today

Sell whatever you have, sell your idea, sell a half finished product - just sell something!

•Keep the team together, there must be a leader

Teams need some sort of heirachy, someone must take control to make sure the team can move forward. You will thank them in the long run!

•Everything on the line - 4x

Be prepared to lose everything: house, spouse, car, life as you know it. I was prepared, and nearly lost everything, including my life!

•Technical teams need a business guy

Tech guys don't often make good businessmen, and that's terrible for business, right? Get someone on the team who can run businesses and who understands that world.

•It will take a long time so prepare for the long run

Don't expect results in a month, or even a year. This kind of lifestyle choice is for the long run, so be prepared to work for a long time with very little back. Keep at it!

Martin Rand, CEO of Vital Fields
Martin Rand, CEO of Vital Fields. Photo: Linkedin

•Some people just want to see you survive

People (and this will include customers) just want to the see you do well, especially if they like you as a person. Use this positivity to your advantage, feed off their energy.

•Contracts make sense

As boring as they are, contracts are essential. They protect you, they keep things above board and most of all they help you to lessen the risks of losing it all.

•If everything is good, beware, it will pass

If things are going well don't take it for granted, always keep the backup plan running, updated and current. Assume the worst is around the corner so you are never caught off guard.

•If everything is bad, don’t judge, it will pass!

The most difficult thing is to keep going in the face of adversity; but you must.  We did and it paid off, but even though times are getting better, we never relax: you never know what life will throw at you next.

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