The Tesla of Motorboats is Born

Swede Gustav Hasselskog was tired of the gas-guzzling internal combustion engine in his boat, so he decided to do something about it. 

A company called Candela was born, which is designed to change the future of boating. This is a fully electric-propelled 7.5-metre day cruiser, with a lot of interesting innovations.

The Candela is different from the traditional motorboat, in the fact that the boat's hull is made entirely of carbon fibre. As a result, the weight has been kept under control, even if the body has a battery pack. Candela useds lithium-ion batteries, which are lighter than traditional batteries.

Candela Motorboat
Candela motorboat. Photo: Teknavi

Another main focus of the boat's design was to cut water resistance. This solution was found in underwater wings, allowing the boat to act as if floating on the water. The resistance is considerably less than a traditional motor boat, which 'lags' in the water.

With little water resistance and having an electric motor, the boat is very economical. 40 kWh batteries allow the boat to cruise at a pace of (25 knots) over 111 kilometers. Even more convincing is 67 horsepower achieving a top speed of 40 knots.

The boat's design has been inspired by retro craft and it has been designed with the lowest possible air resistance.

It is still at the prototype stage, but if the numbers add-up it creates quite an interesting case for a means of transportation. According to the manufacturer the price will be around € 120 000-150 000.