Biohacker's Recipe for Kick-Ass Coffee

Teemu Arina is the CEO of two companies, a keynote speaker, has held key advisory positions worldwide, is an author and a biohacker.

He explains to Hybe: “Biohacking is the art and science of optimising your health and performance with the help of technological and biological tools.”

Teemu Arina
Teemu Arina. Photo: Hybe TV

“Food to me is a form of technology that I use to hack this system [my body], once you understand yourself as a system, you can take yourself to a new level.”

He wears a smartwatch to track his steps, a smart shirt that tracks his heart rate and breathing, and has a lapel pin that buzzes him when his posture isn't perfect.

“Sitting is the tobacco of my generation, it absolutely kills. You should be moving during the day, working in front of your computer has it’s own tax on your health,” says Arina as he demonstrates some of his in-office exercise tools.

But perhaps the most curious of Arina’s habits is his method for making coffee:

Kick-Ass Coffee
Enjoying the kick-ass coffee. Photo: Hybe TV

“I like to use 18 grams of coffee, I like to use cinnamon as it cuts down the blood sugar rise, I like to use fats because fats are the main source of energy. I put some butter in it, this is what people in the old times used to put in their coffee, I use butyric acid (a short chain fatty acid, very good for brain function), MCT oil which is a fat is a fuel for mitochondria, the energy centers in our cells that can use it as a source of extra energy. We blend it up to break down the fat molecules,” he produces what looks like a pleasant Caffe Latte, though the jury is still out on how nice it really is. However, Arina confidently states:

“Definitely if you wanna kick more ass, this is one of the tools for this.”

Well that’s sold it to me.

Recipe for Kick-Ass Coffee

  • 18 Grams of freshly ground high-altitude, single-origin and medium roasted coffee beans
  • 250 ml of boiled spring water at 85 degrees
  • Half a teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 50g of grass-fed butter
  • 1 teaspoon of MCT Oil

Put the coffee and cinnamon into an Aeropress for best results, or a french press along with 250 ml of water.

Then transfer along with other ingredients to a blender. Blend the mixture for ten seconds and enjoy immediately. Then kick some ass - if that’s your goal in life!