Crazy-Cool and Just Plain Crazy Devices from Around the World

Here is a selection of life-changing tech devices that we barely know how we survived without!

Mink ( Founded by Harvard Business School graduate, Grace Choi. Starting out as the first 3D printer of make-up, the company has taken a new direction with a digital make-up pen, programmable to any colour you like. Or you could just buy normal make-up, just saying; but I’m a bloke, what do I know.

D Free ( Japanese startup based in California, with a device that tells you ten minutes in advance that you need to go to the toilet! A small decide placed on your stomach sends notifications to an app, which tells you that you need to find a toilet quickly. How did we survive without it I wonder!*

*Although my puerile humour overlooks it, this device also has a serious application and looks set to provide peace of mind for those with medical or physical challenges.

Vibease ( A rather personal device claiming to be the worlds first wearable smart vibrator! Developed by Hermoine Way, it comes with an app enabling your partner to control the device remotely. The prankster in me sees great potential in this! “Good luck with your interview, darling,“ he says with a cheeky smile.

No More Woof ( A device promising to translate your dogs thoughts into understandable language! Attached to your dogs head, it uses the latest technology to monitor the dogs thought patterns and then spell them out in a language humans can understand. You can even choose the voice you want your dog to call you an idiot in, because let’s face it, that's what mine’s thinking!