Dream of Own School Turned Into Learning Platform For This Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Tõnis Kusmin, 30, has thought about establishing a school for a long time. To launch his own, private school. Somewhere in the countryside where students could focus on learning 24/7.

He has stayed deep in the education sector since his studies and has launched several businesses to serve the education system. The latest tebo.me - the online teachers book - aims to put everything teachers need to run increasingly digital lessons, into one place. Since its launch in Estonia (under the local opiveeb brand) 3 months ago, 15% of the country's teachers have signed up.

“To make an impact in the education system and build a scalable product, we understood we have to go through teachers, create something valuable for them,” Kusmin told Hybe.

“Basically what we do is to help teachers create engaging lessons and get all the data of students' progress in the same place,” Kusmin said. The platform focuses on content sharing between teachers and for teachers - exercises, learning videos, games. It lets teachers create learning games in 15 minutes.

Students can open them in class with any Internet-connected device.

Tõnis Kusmin

Kusmin said he believes the full offering will help tebo.me stand out in the market.

The success of single-use applications like Kahoot, which lets you just poll, has lead to the situation where teachers needs 4-5 apps all the time. They have to manage the accounts, and they need to manage the students' accounts. It's painful as analytics are in silos - how many of the teachers have time to track the progress of every single student in 4 apps? Every day?”

His own school is still on the cards for Kusmin, but tebo.me could turn out to be much bigger than any physical school one could buy.