Slush 2015 - Jolla Launches Asia Focused Accelerator

When the road travelled is a tough one, it puts you in a great position to help and assist others. Thats’s what Finnish pioneer of the SailfishOS platform and mobile device producer, Jolla, believes with their announcement of the Adventures accelerator programme, today at Slush 2015.

Jolla Brand
Jolla brand. Photo: Slush

Jolla have taken a few knocks along the way, having issues with sales of the first Jolla smartphone, delays with the realisation of the end product resulting in outdated hardware, and most recently problems honouring orders of their new Jolla tablet.

Jolla Adventures
Jolla Adventures accelerator programme. Photo: Slush

The exciting announcement today is the Jolla Adventures accelerator programme, taking Nordic startups to Asia. Those successful on the programme will receive $200,000 seed financing; access to friends, connections and experience of the Jolla team; the refining a proving of their product or idea, and most importantly, access to the Chinese and Indian markets.

Jolla Aventures
Jolla Adventures benefits (click to enlarge). Photo: Slush

Although not explicitly mentioned, it seems likely that this is directly related to the ‘deeper relationship' Jolla also announced earlier today with Intex, India’s largest smartphone vendor, with whom they entered into a licensing partnership in July 2015. The latest incarnation of the agreement should also render problems with supply and timing a thing of the past.

The Adventures accelerator programme is due to start in January of 2016 in Hong Kong. It is in collaboration with Alibaba's incubator programme, with their full support.