Finnish Entrepreneur Launches Storage as a Service

Markus Lehtiniitty brought a storage as a service offering to the Finnish market on Wednesday, when he launched his startup Oikee. So far some similar services have been launched in the United States. 

Lehtiniitty worked a while on the idea of a wider home service offering business, including cleaning services or washing clothes, but the feedback from consumers and advisors was clearly pointing towards storage - thats what consumers wanted to buy, and thats what advisors saw as the most unique part of the offering for the Finnish market.

“So we switched the focus from home services to the property to which we are bringing services itself, and digitise them. We are starting from storage,” Lehtiniitty told Hybe.

Oikee Box
Oikee box. Photo: Company sourced

To use Oikee, one goes to their website, logs what needs to be stored (in Finnish towns an example might be a bicycle for winter), then an Oikee courier comes and picks it up, and returns it on an agreed day. No hassle with renting a place, renting too much space or or too little.

As the service happens locally it's not scalable with one click around the world like applications are, but Lehtiniitty says expansion abroad is definitely on the cards - first it needs to break on the home market.