Finnish PC-reinventor Solu Tops Crowdfunding Target

Finnish startup Solu Machines, which builds a small device and web-based software platform promising to change personal computing for good, reached its target of 200,000 euros on Kickstarter on Saturday.

The competition facing Solu, a company based in a basement in downtown Helsinki, is enormous - basically it’s going against Google, Microsoft, Apple and all the other PC makers.

Reaching the target is a good start, but for taking on the $400 billion PC industry, the pre-sales of 200,273 euros from 557 clients on their crowdfunding campaign is a small start. So far the startup has raised early funding of more than $1.4 million from mostly regional investors.

Solu is a square device with a touchscreen, roughly twice as big as an iPhone. Under the touchscreen, which is used as a mouse or a control pad, there is the computing power of Solu. Leaving the home, you take it with you to the office and plug it into a screen.

Solu runs the company’s own web-based operating system, where the user interface is built on connections and links, using the logic of the human brain, not the folder box logic of software developers.

For developers at least the basics are in place, being a web-based platform means Solu can tap into millions and millions of web developers easily. And an interesting business model is in place - users pay a monthly fee for software, which is then distributed to developers based upon the usage of their software. The beauty for consumers is simple - they can access all the software available, not only the apps they have specifically bought.

The campaign is open for one more week, with the cheapest Solu offers at 349 euros.