Germany’s Paua Ventures to Invest €40 Million in Nordic Startups

The German investment company Paua Ventures has just announced a new fund of €40 million which will be invested, among other things, in Nordic startups.

Paua Ventures, established in 2010, is an investment company based in Berlin. The fund has now collected about €40 million in its new fund to support promising European companies in the Seed or Series A stage, asboth lead or co-investor.

Previous investments in the Nordic regionThe investment firm has previously invested together with the Nordic investment company North Zone, and hasalso invested in the Stockholm-based Detectify.

Their experience in Scandinavia has given Paua Ventures the courage to seek more investment opportunities in the Nordic countries.

Paua writes in their press release that they emphasizes a proactive partnership with their portfolio startups in the form of operational benchmarking between their businesses, selective business development, assistance with recruitment, and more.

Searching for ‘genuine tech’Paua Ventures also expressed that they are primarily interested in startups working in areas such as SaaS, B2B marketplaces, B2C mobile, mobile enterprise solutions and innovative e-commerce.

The fund already has a portfolio of seven operating companies, and has invested over €8 million to date. They aim to invest in another 20 startups over the next three years. The fund typically provides a Seed or Series A stage investment between €1 and 2 million, with the possibility of further investment.

The new fund has a partner group of institutional investors such as the European Investment Fund, and a number of high net worth individuals, including several renowned entrepreneurs, and major global industrial groups such as Klöckner & Co.

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