Goa Startup Uni Dropout Building a Wireless Empire

A startup team from Goa, India, has dropped out of university this year to start building a wireless empire.Their first product was a success on Indiegogo earlier this year, and in October the team shipped products to all 1495 backers in late October.

“I used to have an issue at home," founder Nagarjun Kinare told Hybe. Kinare got tired of always connecting his phone to speaker wires at home. When he started to look for wireless solutions he quickly noticed that prices of even simple Bluetooth speakers cost several hundred euros.

Plugzee. Photo: Promo video

At the same time he had a set of decent speakers ready - why not to make them wireless?

That was the sparkle for Plugzee to be born. Less than a year later he proudly shows the small, stylish device which can be plugged into any speaker. The phone recognises Plugzee as a Bluetooth headset and sends audio signal.

Nagarjun Kinare
Nagarjun Kinare. Photo: Promo video

The crowdfunding campaign was a success story in early 2015, with the team raising $41,955 from 1495 backers, and the team has since been working on the project and is now thinking of the next steps: How can they create a more advanced version of Plugzee? Are there related sectors to tackle next? There's a long list of challenges keeping the team busy.

“We dropped out to work on our startup,” Kinare says. For a few years they have a chance to return without losing their credits collected so far, but meeting the team and seeing their passion to work on the startup … we must remember, many 'dropouts' have done extremely well in technology world.