HR Managers... Goodbye, So Long, Adieu!

Helsinki-based consultancy Rocket Science is not your average software outsourcing outlet.

Yes, their staff of 18 write code for clients when they need it, but when their staff come up with an idea which could fly on its own, the team tends to jump on them and create new products.

The focus of founders is clearly on keeping talented people happy and on board.

Screenshot of Vibecatch

To measure it, the usual corporate once-a-year questionnaire was clearly not enough. So one evening Arttu Ylärakkola, one of the co-founders of Rocket Science (Rakettitiede Oy) wrote a piece of code to make tracking the mood of staff a continuous and simple process.

"We did it first for ourselves and then turned it into a product when we saw the interest towards this sector. The aim is to spin it out at some point and find financing some point later,” says Juha Huttunen, co-founder.

Results collected using Vibecatch

Vibecatch launch this week, software with which companies can send their employees light and easy feedback questionnaires on a weekly or monthly basis, and focus on reacting to feedback rather than collecting it.

"HR is changing towards more continuous monitoring and lighter structures. We can bring some of the HR into the company with just software, even when there are no HR personnel,” says Huttunen. "When you start using it - the software will work for you: ask questions, collect and analyse the data — all you have to do is to react."

In the launch week Vibecatch has already got its first paying customers, but the big potential lies with large companies which rarely ask the opinions of their staff.