Hacking Work: Three Apps To Track Your Time

Quantified Self refers to the use of technology to collect numerical data on one's own activities. This may mean, for example, sleep time, hours worked, minutes sat or steps walked.

Companies have always collected data from their activities. The founding father of modern knowledge management, Peter F. Drucker, said that what gets measured gets managed. Self-measurement goes a step further and focuses attention on the individual's own activities. The measurer is not a company, but rather the person himself.

This is nothing new for someone doing sports. The development of training can be kept track of when you know what the training actually improves. That's why lap times, weight in tonnes and repetition times, mean something. Could business leaders deal with their own work as the top athlete of its kind do well? Do you know your work's real instruments?

Technology Usage
Technology usage. Photo: From file

With Rescue Time I measure the time spent at the computer. The service measures the use of recreational applications and sites in relation to office applications and work-related sites.
Based on this, I know that I spend about 58% of my work time at the computer. 11% of that time is spent on social media. I use the computer an average of 4 hours and 50 minutes per day.

In addition to the computer I spend time on my smartphone. Moment app tells me that I use the phone on average for 2 hours and 40 minutes a day. One-third of my working time is thus spent on mobile-work.

The everyday life of an entrepreneur is tough. Working weeks I sleep approx. 6 hours per night, based on the average of the Sleep Cycle app.

When all of these are added together, I spend approx. 15% of my time awake on my mobile phone and 26% on the computer. A total of 41% of my time is spent on various types of technology in general. This comes as no surprise for the CEO of two technology companies, who's writing a book at the same time.

Job performance depends not only on the office, or the number of hours spent at the computer. The issue is more in the number of hours spent fully focused at work. More of this in the next blog.