HYBE at Slush: Why is now the best time to start a media company?

Startup media company HYBE is hosting a media business panel on Thursday 12th November, the second day at Slush, between 11:30 – 12:30 am in the Engine Room, Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland.

The media industry has been in turmoil for a decade. Its traditional money making machine, the old advertising engine, is running on its last breath. However, content is doing great. More journalistic, marketing and user-generated content is being produced, consumed, shared and enjoyed by new and larger audiences than ever before.

”There won’t be a ’one-size fits all’ media company model in the future. The new media landscape will not be dominated by old incumbent dinosaurs. Smaller, more agile mammals are coming fast and they are hungry. We are now looking at revolutionary business concepts and approaches to monetise content, whether it is journalism, marketing, services or something new we have not named yet,” said Tatu Tahkokallio, CEO, Hybe Media.

The Hybe media hosted business panel will be discussing massive opportunities in media business. Participants on stage will include journalist Neil S W Murray from The Nordic Web & Tech.eu, CEO Clarisse Berggårdh from IUM, Editor-in-Chief Stina Mäntyniemi at Cosmopolitan Finland and CEO Tatu Tahkokallio at HYBE. Video insights will be delivered by Arianna Huffington, Jonathan Forster from Spotify and Guy Kawasaki. The discussion will be hosted by HYBE TV show host Anna Bessonova.

Big wheels are turning as more brands are moving their money into digital. The surge of online videos, high quality content marketing and programmatic media buying, are trends accelerating this change. Now is the ideal time to introduce fresh media business models with big data talent, data driven journalism, user-centric content and integrated digital services on variety of platforms utilised by fragmented audiences.

The Hybe TV series premiered on Finnish national television channel MTV3 in September. The first six episodes have each gathered an average of 70.000 viewers combined, on TV, web TV, hybe.com website and Apps.