Is the PC Industry Changing for Good?

It’s rather clear that the PC as we know it is pulling its last breaths. Tablets and smartphones have given it massive blows over the last few years, but on top of that one innovator after another is seeking to turn this massive industry upside down.

MagicStick, which has put a computer into a USB stick, which can be plugged into many TV sets, reached 480 percent of its original funding target on its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday. Earlier this month we reported of Solu Machines crowdfunding campaign for its small device and web-based software platform, which has reached 90 percent of its target with still 18 days to go.

The competition facing newcomers in the $400 billion industry is enormous - Google, Microsoft, Apple and all the other PC makers. But that does not stop them, it rather confirms there is an opportunity.

"The electronics market is heavily switching from PC to mobile. From big devices to small portable ones. The BYOD is spreading in the corporates and will change many paradigm,” says MagicStick founder Niraj Kumar.

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The team of six started to work on MagicStick in 2011 after experiencing an energy crisis and blackout in Bangalore. "Our goal was to reduce electricity consumption and hence we decided to reduce the size of our PC as much as possible and remove the mechanical components to make it less power consuming with improved reliability,” said Kumar.