Kahoot Quizzes Add Spin To Learning

Norwegian startup Kahoot has reached almost 100 million people in just two years with its online quizzes which pupils can use during classes as part of the learning process. And anyone can create the quizes.

"The biggest challenge is to get acceptance for our vision that actually play and learning fit together,” Johan Brand, cofounder and CEO, told Hybe. "It’s an extreme satisfaction to know that I can sympathise to the problem, I can make a solution for it, an then it can happen on a large scale. we have millions of people aroud the world who are having fun learning."

Johan Brand CEO
Johan Brand CEO. Photo: Hybe TV

In addition to changing the mindset in education systems around the world, Kahoot is working hard on scaling, like any other fast-growing startup.

“Almost a year ago we had no employees, today we have 35 employees. We have grown last year with 50 million users, so of course to have the organisation to keep up with the growth is nearly impossible, but we are doing as much as we can to onboard people all the time,” said Asmund Furuseth, vice president of business development.

The business model or monetisation is not clear yet, but it’s clear that focus is on learning.

Kahoot in Action
Kahoot in action. Photo: Hybe TV

"The whole point is to get everyone super excited about learning and to create the real winners, not because they win the game, but because they take part in the learning. What you see is kids looking at each other, discussing what they learned,” said Furuseth.

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