Leaping From Phones To Cars, Success at Rightware

In 2013 when Jonas Geust took over at the helms of Finnish software startup Rightware the former Nokia executive had to make some tough decisions.

Rightware was founded to make user interfaces for mobile phones, especially Android phones.

"We developed the product really hard, we sold it really, really hard, we got a couple of major big deals. That was in China. But after maybe three years of really hard work we realised that the size of the deals we can get in the Android market is nowhere near as good as we would hope it to be," Tero Sarkkinen, founder of Rightware told Hybe.

Kanji UI Solution
Rightward Kanzi UI solution. Photo: Company website

Geust, former head of Nokia's multimedia phone range was well suited to run Android software, but soon after he started he turned the company towards using the user interface know-how in a less price-sensitive market. Some jobs were cut when Rightware turned to the car industry, where the screens run the increasingly sophisticated software.

"We are doing the software behind that, we are doing the software which makes it run smooth and look beautiful," Geust told Hybe. Now the company has more than 10 car makers as its clients and early sales are doubling.

Rightward Screens
Rightware screens in Audis. Photo: Company website

"One of the big challenges I see as leading the company like this, is keeping the focus despite the fact that you have a lot of negative feedback coming on it. You might have a lack of customer interest, you might have a lack on investor interest, you might have a lack of interest from the key people in your organisation and still keeping the focus and believing in your vision," Geust said.