Slush 2015 - REVIEW: Epic Food - Epic Smiley, Or Overpriced?

We have tried out Finnish startup Epic Food on a few occasions over the last few weeks and again at Slush 2015 this week. The team opinions on the experience varied from fantastic to never again.

Epic Food is a Finnish startup claiming to be the only service that cooks tasty, proper food, that is affordable and conveniently delivered home. It recently closed a seed round, with investments from Reaktor Ventures and a number of angel investors.

But to the food. At Slush the delivery was perfect - we asked for a delivery at midday, the food arrived with a smile one minute before, hot and ready to go.

Giles thinks its the best thing since sliced bread.

"The pulled pork was succulent and sweet. It was a winner for customer experience and a winner for the taste buds."

Asian Pulled Pork
Asian pulled pork. Photo: Epic Food

Tarmo was doing an interview at midday - he tried Epic Food last week. The 10.90 euros price tag for a food in a folio-box, similar to the one they use on airplanes, was shocking.

"The boxing really works against them, rather tasteless chicken brought to mind a lot of airline meals. I would not try them again. It is overpriced."

Sami says it was the best event food he has tried. And he has tried a few.

Tatu says it's not quite up to the standard, though he seemed satisfied.

Anna says it was a great experience - delivered on time, warm and tasty.

So in conclusion we have two maybe's ('best event food' would be taken as insult by any restaurant), two positives and one negative. The jury is out.

Have you tried their food? Let us know what you think...

Epic Delivery Car
Epic delivery car. Photo: Epic Food