The Supercar That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Californian supercar manufacturer Rezvani Motors has rolled out its Beast; the sports car that will stun you.

This less than 1,000-kilogramme car comes with a 500-horsepower engine, which will whisk it to 60 miles per hour in just 2.7 seconds (96 km / h). Rezvani's power-to-weight ratio is a rattling 0.67 hp / kg.

Interest towards the car has increased due to the fact that the design uses 3D printing technology. Among other things, the carbon fiber bodywork panels, lights and mirror moulds have been made by a 3D printer.

The cars are manufactured in California by hand and shares its genes with the Ariel Atom, which is a tube-framed, scaled-down sports car. Rezvani’s make over lines the car with carbon fibre panels and adds two superchargers to its 2.4-litre engine. The end result is a quite vicious entity, that will make your wallet $139,000 lighter.