Russian Startups Achieve Goals Thanks to Startup Sabantuy Festival

Startup Sabantuy is an international expedition to find and support perspective startups. As a result, three expedition projects received more than $3 Million venture capital investments. This event united innovators from Saratov, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Saransk, Perm and other Russian regions. In 2015 the Russian startup contest expanded to Serbia, Turkey and UAE. A lot of participants got the opportunity to speak out to an expert audience.

The work projects of young scientists and entrepreneurs from various fields of activity were presented in Saratov. This is particularly the case in the IT, agri-business, telecommunications, medicine, agriculture sector. Participants demonstrated interactive displays, panels, floors and even walls, new possibilities of IP telephony, as well as medical hardware and software systems.

Startup Sabantuy
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The Head of the Business Incubator at IT-park, Lenar Halikov, asserts that some of these projects can seriously compete with existing analogue options: “Some solutions can be considered completely unique. But all projects need to improve on business skills. Startup Sabantuy helps them to learn the process of transforming knowledge into money”.

Best teams can take part in Sabantuy CEO Camp accelerator, which represents the new joint project between IT-park and ABRT-Mangrove CEO Camp.

Startup Sabantuy
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Nikolay Mitushin, the expert at Sabantuy CEO Camp, says: “We have many examples of different startups' development. We can find gaps. We can help to find the growth points and grow their businesses. Our best practices spell everything out.” The purpose is to ensure all members are engaged with their individual project work.

The program of Sabantuy CEO Camp includes different activities.

Startup training is an intensive series of workshops:

Board Meetings - weekly meetings, discussion and results evaluation, the formulation of command responsibility.

Value-added Workshops - practical work with the program trackers to optimise the business model, identify the growth key indicators and prioritise tasks.

Class Hours - individual recommendations of the representatives of venture capital funds, experts and IT companies’ founders.

Tracking Program - individual project management.

Participation in Sabantuy CEO Camp and subsequent seed-investment projects help not only move to a workable business model, but also to avoid classic mistakes.