Samsung Gear S2: A Leap in the Right Direction

Samsung's latest smartwatch S2 has learned from the mistakes of the first edition. The previous Gear did not arouse strong emotions, even though it was an advanced mobile device. However, the watch was an awkward size, and its logic of use was not at all easy.

Samsung has learned from the criticism and the successor is totally different. With a much refined ease of use, and also improvements on the design.

Gear S2 is Samsung's first circular screen smartwatch. Especially with its rotating clock face bezel, which is controlled by turning the device functions. This rotation is a surprisingly natural way to operate the clock. It’s quick and easy to get used to, and your fingers don’t get in the way of the dial-covered text.

Functions can also be controlled by touch, but the rotary dial is clearly more convenient.

The Gear S2 is a beautiful watch. It’s still smartwatch-like, but in a good way. The dignity of Swiss watches is missing, but the terms of function, the Gear S2 is suitable for both everyday and special occasions. The layout can be changed to your liking, because the clock can be mounted onto any standard-sized strap.

Gear S2 is lightweight and sits well on the wrist; as a watch it feels comfortable.