The Most Secure Mobile Wallet

Smartphone users are divided into two camps. Some definitely want to use their phone with a protective cover, others take the risk and carry their phones without any protection.

The third option is to buy a wallet cover, which includes all the valuables you use on a daily basis such as keys, notes, debit cards and of course your smart phone.

Famous wallet maker Bellroy now bring you their Elements Phone Pocket, which has its own ‘built-on’ wallet.

The Leather Phone Pocket is designed so that cards and keys don’t scratch the phone's screen; with keys having their own section entirely. There are even individual pockets for the both a SIM card and SIM card slot opener. Phone Pocket’s zips are designed to be watertight.

Phone Pocket

Surprisingly the thickness of the pouch remains reasonable, although it will be filled out when bank notes, coins, keys, cards and smartphones are added.

The price of the Phone Pocket is 69 euros.