Slush 2015 - 'Health Facebook' CareMonkey Wins Pitching Contest

Australian startup CareMonkey, which aims to become the Facebook for health and safety information, won the top award of 650,000 euro investment on Thursday, at the Slush100 pitching competition in Helsinki.

The strong team and early sales traction of the Melbourne-based team convinced the jury to vote for the, "electronic health and safety system that automatically keeps medical and emergency contact information up to date for any organisation with a duty of care, and then we make that information instantly available to trusted carers ... so they know exactly what to do, who to call or what to tell ambulance paramedics in an emergency."

"We have found a way to collect very sensitive data and to make it available to the right people in emergencies even when they are offline," Troy Westley, co-founder of CareMonkey, said in his pitch. 

Westley said the company has just wrapped its first profitable quarter and the firm boasts more than 100,000 users already, and has lately shared references from Steve Wozniak and Richard Branson, who said he would be happy to use it himself: "I would like to also see this in both doctor’s offices and hospitals to help reduce the time to constantly write down all the facts that you may not necessarily remember on the day of the visit or emergency. It would further reduce mistakes with any noted allergies or medications that one might be taking as well."

Photo courtesy of Slush Media, photographer Jussi Hellsten