Smart Bike Alarm Launches

In November 2013 Narcis Mihai had to visit a doctor daily in his hometown of Bucharest. He had half an hour recovery sessions for his knee, which he injured during a marathon. He biked to the doctor’s office and spent half an hour inside with some rubber belts around his knee, and the only thing he could think about was his bike.

Not knowing if he will find it where he left it was the trigger that led to creating an alarm system for urban cyclists.

Today, two years later, he is starting pre-sales of the Waldo device. The device is attached to the bike and makes a loud alarm just like burglar alarms do. Thieves cannot unmount the device without causing the alarm to go off.

The Waldo Device
Waldo device. Photo: Company website

Waldo taps into into the boom of urban cycling in many European cities, where cyclists are investing massive sums on their bikes and are ready to spend more to ensure they are not departed from their bikes unwillingly.

If someone is tampering with the bike, the device triggers a loud alarm and notifies the user on his smartphone. If the bike does get stolen, its owner can track it using GPS. Unlike many other tracking devices, Waldo focuses on prevention. It is visible, so that the thief knows there's an extra layer of protection.

After cited pre-sales campaign the team is due to launch wider crowdfunding campaign in coming months.