Social Peer Network Heimo Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Finnish peer support online community Heimo launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Invesdor platform on Monday, to raise at least 50,012 euros for a 4.76 percent stake in the company.

Some 30% of the worlds population encounter some kind of mental issue during their lifetime, but most of them don't seek help. They are afraid they will be labelled as a crazy person. Also, current health systems in most countries are powerless in providing help to all.

"Everyone knows someone who has encountered mental issues or has faced the problem themselves,” said Jari “Jaffa” Jaanto, co-founder of Heimo.

"The worst thing is to be alone when bad things happen. I have been bullied in school, so I have experienced this and was alone with the problem. It took several years until I was able to seek help from a therapist and talk about my issues. I have seen what it means to get help from others."

Heimo is basically a social media for sensitive issues, with peer support. Where people can help each other, share stories anonymously and connect with others who have experienced the same.

"People should talk about their issues as early as possible. The longer it takes to deal with things, the more the mind is blocked. In Heimo we want to prevent mental health problems from happening. Helping people to help others will solve this huge problem. There is a special power in community,” Jaanto said.

Heimo's team has over 40 years experience in total with building social media platforms. Heimo’s CEO Jarno Alastalo is the man behind one of the biggest social media services in the Nordics, called Suomi24. Jaanto founded the popular social network IRC-Galleria. The team also includes psychologists, service designers and sales professionals.

30,000 users have already visited the Heimo page. It plans to use the proceeds from an equity sale to build a truly global online community. Heimo is also the first wellbeing app in the world's smallest general-purpose computer, Solu.

Jari Jaanto