The App to Rescue Your Social Life?

Ever found yourself in a strange city in need of a good night out, but not found where the action is? Veiko Umal, CEO of W2GO (Where To Go?) and his team of five believe they have come up with the answer.

Curious as to why the idea came about, Hybe decided to investigate. Veiko Umal, CEO, tells us, “I was on a business trip in Stockholm a while ago, after many boring meetings I finally had time to relax and I was thinking about going to discover the nightlife of Stockholm. The only thing I discovered is that in the 21st century it’s still not possible to find this information easily; valid, updated, fast and spontaneous information: In the end nothing happened.”

Their solution is W2GO app.

W2GO, short for ‘Where To Go?’ is, “a unique social nightlife app that brings your nightlife to the next level,” according to Umal. “We’re in the date-chat and entertainment market, and the market of spontaneity. Why spontanity? Because it’s fun and it’s sexy.”

So there you go, it’s supposed to appeal to young lads and lasses looking for a good night out on the tiles - but what about the figures? W2GO currently provides information about 1500 nightclubs in 80 cities and 25 countries, and has both iOS and Android apps. The startup claims to be able to save nightclubs up to 1500 euros in event marketing costs per month, and as a company have already raised 140,000 euros of investment. They get their revenue from in-app purchases and subscriptions by nightclubs.

W2GO Screenshot
W2GO Screenshot. Photo: Company website

From the app you can send anonymous messages to other W2GO users that are flagged up in the near vicinity, whilst you down your ‘Dutch Courage’ at the bar. You can also pre-arrange nights out with other users looking for the same wild night in the local area.

App Screenshot
App screenshot (Click to enlarge) Photo: Company website

As with so many apps of this kind it may be open to misuse, as well as already having it’s core USP covered by other larger players such as Foursquare and Tinder. It’s attractive though, and has Facebook integration which negates the need for a lengthy sign-up process. To be honest there's a lot of competition out there, but only time will tell if 'Where To Go' will end up the ‘go to’ app for partying.