These Guys Will 3D Print Your Unborn Baby

Wolfprint 3D is a team of four from Estonia who are looking to revolutionise the maternity gift and memories market with their 3D prints of unborn babies.

Timmu Tõke, the company’s CEO explains, “We started Wolfprint with the simple goal to take 3D printing closer to normal people. We offer a 3D unborn baby printing service for expectant families, to help them celebrate and memorise pregnancy in a most special way. They want to see their baby before they are born, they want to feel that their baby is already with them.”

3D Print of Unborn Child
3D Print of unborn child. Photo: Company website

Starting two years ago as a challenge from a pregnant friend to ‘3D print’ her unborn child, the guys set out to find a way to decipher the information generated by the 3D scanners used by clinics around the world. “Pregnancy and childbirth are celebrated now more than ever, 3D ultrasound has become mainstream, it’s a growing trend,” says Tõke.

Tõke tells us: “The global market size for the product is 425 million euros, calculated by looking at the GDP and birthrates of all the countries in the world. In richer countries like Denmark we think that around 7% of families could afford our service, in emerging markets like India 0.2%”.

Initially they intend to focus their efforts on the UK and Benelux markets, although they have had significant interest and have partnerships with over 35 clinics in Europe, including exclusive clinics in Finland, Italy, Monaco and Portugal.

Before and After
Before and after. Photo: Company website

How it Works

  • 3D ultrasound done in the usual way
  • Doctors send data from scanner to Wolfprint 3D
  • Data is converted into a format recognised by the printer and software
  • The baby is printed and sent to the customer in a presentation frame.

They are looking at tweaking the brand for the future with the possibility of a new name. Currently a 3D model of your baby will cost 200 Euros.