Three New and Popular Mobile App Startups for Car Owners

There are plenty of mobile apps developed for car owners for various functions, let’s take a look at three new and popular mobile app startups in Russia.

Smart Driving Laboratory

Smart Driving Laboratory is the provider of telematics services on their own software and hardware platform.

Smart Driving Laboratory develops, creates and implements its own telematics platform. It can rightly be called the only Russian full-format cycle telematic operator.

Smart Driving app. Photo: Company sourced

Smart Driving Laboratory’s main difference is a unique approach to the creation of telematics products.

The platform is based on its own cartography software. Moreover, they have developed new-generation devices. The combination of these factors opens up endless possibilities for collection, processing and transmission of information regarding the condition of the vehicle and the vehicle owner’s manner of driving. Thanks to this approach, Smart Driving Laboratory can adapt the system to any customer requirement.

The telematic platform of Smart Driving Laboratory will help to solve problems such as the high level of road traffic accidents, unfair auto insurance rates, drivers' lack of awareness of the technical condition of the car and many more.


HUDWAY is a unique mobile app that helps drivers focus on driving, keep their eyes on the road and always keep their hands on the wheel.

Drivers no longer have to listen attentively to navigator notification messages and make out unclear signs.

Drivers who use an ordinary navigation system become more distracted than ever before. Taking your eyes off the road for just several seconds to read the navigation information significantly increases accident risk.

Hudway in action. Photo: Company sourced

The HUDWAY app sets the projection of the road, provides drivers with additional information (current speed, distance to the next dangerous bend - where you should be careful and slow down). All dangerous turns are displayed in red and prior marks on the road help to visually measure the distance.

HUDWAY brings a fundamentally new approach of voice assisting in navigation systems.

A new device is HUDWAY Glass for low visibility conditions (such as fog, rain, snow or just darkness). It’s a smartphone cradle that sits on top of car's dashboard and reflects images from a phone's display onto a curved plastic screen.

HUDWAY Glass allows drivers to use any HUD (Head-Up Display)-apps in bright light. The lens at the same time reflects the image and creates its projection - so drivers can see a clear picture.

HUDWAY Glass is a special car accessory turning a driver’s smartphone into a head-up display in any car.


MAYAK is a convenient driver’s assistant for when a car breaks down on the road. Whether it's a dead car battery or punctured tire, this app will be useful for drivers.

The app’s creators affirm: “Everybody who at least once in his life was faced with a flat car tire, a dead car battery or a car breakdown on the road will appreciate this mobile app”. If you use the MAYAK app you don’t need to wait for a long time or to solve a difficult road situation all alone.

Mayak on iOS (click to enlarge). Photo: Company sourced

MAYAK is an immediate roadside assistance!

Thanks to the biggest base of technicians, calling up the [breakdown service] using the MAYAK app is the fastest way to get qualified roadside assistance.

This app allows users to call roadside assistance from anywhere in Russia; and drivers can do it quickly and safely. In the application they can choose one of the four services: call a tow truck, roadside tire service, fuel supply and recharging of the car battery.

The client downloads the mobile app and in the event of failure, the customer makes a request to the mobile app. This request is automatically is sent to the list of orders which is available to all technicians within a 20 km radius from the place of an incident. Technicians, who are ready to take the order, quote a price. Within three minutes after filling in the application form, the customer receives 3 offers from different technicians, then selects and approves the order.