Time Based Mobile Internet Data Purchase Finally Arrives

Finnish telecoms software company Comptel are to launch a disruptive mobile data solution that enables users of Android phones to purchase mobile data by time - ranging from a minute to a month - rather than megabytes.

The new FWD solution, is a response to users of mobile data, “confused about how much data they are paying for and consuming when browsing the Internet or using their favourite apps.” As for the networks themselves, FWD helps operators to create, sell and market mobile data offers in real time – without needing to modify their network.

For the consumer it means an easily trackable cost of using mobile data, for the mobile network provider it gives, “insightful and actionable analytics.”

It’s assumed the view is to roll out FWD beyond Finland, but at first only pre-paid Finnish customers of the DNA network will benefit.

The FWD App
The FWD app. Photo: Screenshot

“We are excited to launch this innovative yet simple service. We want to offer the easiest way to buy and use data without the fear of bill shock. FWD gives us a nimble and flexible tool to improve our engagement with new and existing prepaid customers”, said Cedric Kamtsan, VP Handset Business.

The product was developed within the NXT startup incubator, an initiative run by Comptel, and is their first SaaS project.