Slush 2015 - Troubled Gaming Plan Becomes Successful Delivery Startup

Russian startup Dostavista can only thank the analytical mind of its founder, serial entrepreneur Mike Alexandrovski, who had a vision to create a mobile game where people would compete in delivering virtual goods.

It was a challenge to take on something that he admits he had little knowledge of: "I understood quickly I had no experience in gaming or in mobile,” Alexandrovski told Hybe in an interview at Slush 2015.

But deliveries remained central in the plan, and when he combined that in 2012 with crowdsourcing deliveries through an application and deals with e-commerce companies, Dostavista started to grow fast and has now reached critical mass in Moscow, St Petersburg and 2 other Russian towns.

The next step for the company is to launch in London. and then Istanbul next year. The guys are seeking $1 million investment to finance the expansion plan.