What if you could borrow any bike? Airbnb for bikes launches

Apps boom has changed travellers life in just a few years massively - from the airport you take Uber to your accommodation, which you booked through Airbnb, and while walking in the town you can now grab a bike with AirDonkey.

AirDonkey sells bicycle locks and dedicated bikes on its Kickstarter campaign which has been open for a week and has reached half of its funding target. Donkey kit to make your extra bike sharable for money, costs $75, while an AirDonkey bike costs $650.

The Kit
The Kit. Photo: From file

"We wanna be Airbnb, but for bikes,” Mikkel Fog Nielsen, crowdfunding consultant for the Danish firm, told Hybe.

The business model is very similar to Airbnb - people with a bike to share can earn money from their 'property'. You have to purchase an AirDonkey lock and users can find the available bikes from the app and rent them through the app — also unlocking the bikes from the phone screen.

As a possible side effect, bikes will also become more prominent in social media as the app tracks the bike’s whereabouts and also lets people report and share content.

“Your bike will have a life of its own,” said Nielsen.